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Choose from a variety of extensions that HarringtonWest has to offer.  Ethical sourcing is important to us and we pride ourselves on making sure that all companies and suppliers guarantee the 100% ethical sourcing of their hair.  

Deciding on which extensions are best for you, depends on what you are wanting to achieve.   Hair extensions are not just about adding length to your hair but are also great for adding thickness and volume.  Some people only want length or body in certain areas so may only need a few extensions to create the look they want.

With years of experience with different application techniques and knowledge around placement, HarringtonWest can customise our three different types of extensions to suit anyone and everyone.


About Wefts

Permanent Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair is soft thick and shiny and attached to your hair using the Micro Beads technique. These extensions sit flat against your head which make them comfortably and invisible.  Maintenance is required as the weft grows away from your scalp so regular 4-6 week visits is the standard amount of time in between extension shifts.  We recommend to keep the condition and integrity of the hair, to only use home care recommended by your stylist.  Depending on the amount of hair, this service usually takes between 45-60mins for application and maintenance. We can colour the extensions to achieve the perfect colour match however this is not always needed but if you're someone who likes to change their colour, this is still possible to do with wefts.




At HarringtonWest we offer Premium Tape - In Hair extensions.  Pure Strands offer the best quality 100% human hair, without tangling or drying up in an array of different colours.  Your hair dose not have to be very long to enjoy wearing these hair extensions.  Your length and thickness will determine how many packets you will need in your hair and our expert placement will ensure that no one will know you are wearing them.  Pure Strands tapes are able to be coloured to achieve a perfect colour match with your own hair.  

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